Day 3 – a game of two halves

By far this morning was the toughest for me so far (Luke).

We were slow getting going as we were both suffering with stomach troubles from something yesterday, Chris felt better by 10/11 i was still struggling till we eventually got to Tiverton.

Which reminds me: we stopped at a garage to get some water not long into the day, when he heard where we were going, the man in the garage said “there’s some hilly f#ckers that way!”… he wasn’t lying.

30 hilly miles later we got to Tiverton, where I was finally able to eat and started to feel more normal.

The ride after that was lovely, mostly on National cycle route 3 along tow paths. A welcome contrast to the first 2 1/2 days of evil hills.


With the late start and slow progress, we decided to cut 10 miles off the day and recover, ready afresh tomorrow.

Found a lovely campsite just past Taunton, stocked up at tesco, ate lots of food and to bed.


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