Day 10 – Noah’s ark

It’s raining like we’d need the aforementioned biblical boat, whilst we’re staying at… Noah’s Ark Caravan park. (In all seriousness a great camp site, superb facilities and great for the kids)

Today was good for being largely uneventful, we’re quite in the routine of it.

Our route took us past Edinburgh, following the union canal then over the Forth bridge (I think I’m becoming a bridge nerd), past the loch at Kinross and just outside Perth.


The view from here of the cairngorms is cracking, with snow on the top of a couple (in June, is that normal?).

I think we’ve passed the phases of “why are we doing this?” and “can we do this?” into a routine of breaking the days into 20/25 mile chunks.

Tomorrow we head into the highlands proper, wish us luck!


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